Soup glorious soup

I promised to blog my recipe for our Pumpkin, Carrot and Orange soup, so here we go. Soup might seem like a strange choice in a hot country, but actually a bowl of hot soup can be very refreshing. This one is so fresh and healthy because of the ingredients that it definitely perks you up for the rest of the day.

Pumpkin, Carrot and Orange Soup

Extra virgin olive oil

1 medium sized pumpkin or squash

3 carrots

2 oranges

One onion

2 cloves garlic

Grated fresh ginger

Vegetable stock

Spice world

Zanzibar is often known as the spice island. The exoticism of its name can only be matched by the transporting scent of fresh cloves, miles away from the Christmassy fustiness of their dried cousins. But if you come here to visit, what should you take home with you? Often pre-packaged spice mixes feature overground spices that are past their best - the humidity here means that things go soggy and lose their oomph quickly.

Zanzibar hotels

The trend amongst Zanzibar hotels these days seems to be toward a certain uniformity. Understated luxury is key, in the form of tropical beaches, a spa of course, and big villas with traditional makuti roofs. The positive angle is that Zanzibar for the most part has bypassed the trend for big, pack-em-in-like-sardines multi-storey concrete behemoths that take no regard of their surroundings.

Relaunch press release!

This is the press release we are putting out to tell everyone about the new, improved Mustapha's Place.

East African fashion

This is a piece I wrote for Twende, ZanAir's inflight magazine:

Fairtrade tourism

This is a piece I wrote on fairtrade tourism for the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism magazine Karibu:

Honey honey

Whoo! We have just produced a batch of honey from the beehive in the Mustapha's Place garden. We are going to use it in our cocktails, such as "Dawa" (Swahili for medicine), a cocktail that includes vodka, lots and lots of fresh lime and honey. It's the Swahili version of a hot toddy, and surprisingly effective if you are going down with a cold or flu.

The honey should taste good with all the tropical flowers in the garden - I'm not sure what the bees feast on the most, but frangipani and hibiscus abound.

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